Nothing hurts like losing your mother. But, life can and will go on.

When I lost my mum, suddenly, in April 2017 I was shattered. My whole world seemed to have crashed down around me and I literally couldn't think of anything else apart from "mum is dead" for days and weeks on end.

I started this site to help others in this process begin to heal and move through the pain (there is no other way). Through suggested books, podcasts and letters from people who have had to face this, I hope to offer you love and compassion, even from afar, and the knowledge that as much as it hurts right now and as much as you may feel nothing will ever make you laugh or smile again, you WILL get through this. You will one day laugh and smile and remember the good times your mother gifted you. 

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Find out more about why I started this site and my own experience with losing my mum, suddenly here. 


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