Letters to You

When you lose your mother, no one else in the world seems to be able to understand the heartbreak and loss you're experiencing. I found the most comfort from other people who unfortunately had also gone through this. The week after mum died, my sister said 'it's like we're in a club that no one ever wants to be in'. This is sad, but it is true. These letters have been written with you, the person who has recently lost their mum, in mind. In my opinion, they can be read anytime, even years after your mother has died. If you would like to add your letter please email me using the subject line My Letter to whenyourmotherdies@gmail.com


"One of the hardest parts of losing your mum is losing the person you could be around her – totally, unconditionally loved, nurtured, cocooned."


"Talking helps. Writing helps. Crying helps. Sometimes breaking things helps too. Bottling things up doesn’t. Pretending you’re ok doesn’t either."



"You will smile and laugh again... And you may be feeling guilty. Don’t. You’re body is a wonderful thing. Capable of shielding you and protecting you."

anica + aleksandra

"I have learned that we do not get over the death of a mother but we do get more used to it. That might sound sad but it is a sign of our resilience..."

leonie + fi

"We were in a wonderful place when I said goodbye. It is so hard for me to imagine my life without you, I will miss you more than  words can say..."

the web + the slinky

"I have forgotten how she had her coffee, but I remember the freckle on the end of her nose. I have forgotten so many details, but I remember and still feel her love.