Podcasts That May Help

I'm someone who loves podcasts, I listen to them night and day, in the car, while cooking and even have plans to host my own. These are some of the episodes I found really helpful in the first few months after my beautiful mother passed away. I hope they give you comfort in the same way. If you have a podcast episode you think should be included here please email me whenyourmotherdies@gmail.com 

on being: sheryl sandberg

The honesty in this podcast from Sheryl Sandberg (whose husband died suddenly at the age of 47, leaving her with two young children to raise) is just incredible and while it's not about losing her mother, her thoughts around death and coping through it are universal. 



Warning: this is quite full on. I found this comforting but I know my husband found it very confronting. This episode looks at why grief envelopes us, talking to people who have lost loved ones as well as those in the mental health and neuroscience fields.


Richard Rohr is a Franciscan Monk, but don't let that put you off this beautiful episode about living in Deep Time. I found the part where he discusses having two lives (one before something tragic happens, one after) fascinating, especially about learning from grief and tragedy.